NextUI Provider

Here's the API reference for the NextUIProvider.


navigate provides a client side router to all nested components such as Link, Menu, Tabs, Table, etc.

type: ((path: string) => void) | undefined


The locale to apply to the children. The BCP47 language code for the locale. By default, It is en-US.

type: string | undefined


The default dates range that can be selected in the calendar.

type: { minDate?: CalendarDate | undefined; maxDate?: CalendarDate | undefined; }

  • minDate

    The minimum date that can be selected in the calendar.

    type: CalendarDate | undefined

    default: new CalendarDate(1900, 1, 1)

  • maxDate

    The maximum date that can be selected in the calendar.

    type: CalendarDate | undefined

    default: new CalendarDate(2099, 12, 31)


This function helps to reduce the bundle size by providing a custom calendar system.

By default, this includes all calendar systems supported by @internationalized/date. However, if your application supports a more limited set of regions, or you know you will only be picking dates in a certain calendar system, you can reduce your bundle size by providing your own implementation of createCalendar that includes a subset of these Calendar implementations.

For example, if your application only supports Gregorian dates, you could implement a createCalendar function like this:

import {GregorianCalendar} from '@internationalized/date';
function createCalendar(identifier) {
switch (identifier) {
case 'gregory':
return new GregorianCalendar();
throw new Error(`Unsupported calendar ${identifier}`);

This way, only GregorianCalendar is imported, and the other calendar implementations can be tree-shaken.

type: ((calendar: SupportedCalendars) => Calendar | null) | undefined



A CalendarDate represents a date without any time components in a specific calendar system from @internationalized/date.


Supported react-aria i18n calendars.

type SupportedCalendars =
| "buddhist"
| "ethiopic"
| "ethioaa"
| "coptic"
| "hebrew"
| "indian"
| "islamic-civil"
| "islamic-tbla"
| "islamic-umalqura"
| "japanese"
| "persian"
| "roc"
| "gregory";